Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It’s not that I love sick, disgusting, gory graphics. I don’t. But I resent the fact that our liberal, government-controlled media sources select, edit, sanitize, and spin what they deem to be politically correct doses of sound bites and info-bits to shape our thinking and conform us to their anti-American and godless ideologies. 

I want the truth. If my neighbor is an unstable, psychopathic serial killer, I want to know so that I can be alert and careful. I was disappointed a few years ago when Nick Berg and others were beheaded; YouTube, Fox News, and everyone else spared us the graphics. Michael Savage was the only one who posted the actual videos but they were pulled off after a few months. While it was up, I watched it a couple times. And both times it made me sick but I saw the face of evil and I know what it is capable doing. 

We have become a nation of wusses, weaklings, and sissies who can’t handle glimpses of reality. How are we supposed to recognize evil, identify it, and defend ourselves from it when our government and media lie to us?   We are purposefully deprived of the information we need to be vigilant. They tell us that our enemies are our friends; they tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and Christianity is a threat to our culture. They tell us that Israel is evil and their enemies are humanitarian freedom fighters. 

I just want the truth.   I want everyone to have access to information so that we can see it and learn from it.  This country has some serious enemies and many of them are inside our borders. And regardless of what our first Muslim president says, their threats are real; they hate America. They hate our culture, our religion, our values, and our freedoms and they want us destroyed. 

And that is why I am posting this video while it can still be seen. Watch if you will or bury your head in the sand and go smell some roses. The choice is yours but know this; truth can be found. You won’t find it on ABC, NBC, or CBS. Truth is not always pretty but it is always true.



Jonathan rocha rodrigues said...

Good morning,
Please, give me the link of this video so I can download it.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

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