Sunday, August 31, 2014


As far as I know, I believe I coined the word.  At least I had never heard it used before and I have used it often since I first thought of it.

My wife doesn't appreciate it but I think it the perfect word when it is used appropriately.  Here's my definition:

Happycrap - noun

-the warm, fuzzy, touchy-feely kind of emotional chatter used by politically or theologically liberal people to manipulate non-thinking people into believing, accepting, and feeling good about their baseless and nonsensical ideologies in the absence of substantial evidence or truth.

The short video below is a perfect example of how "HAPPYCRAP" can be employed by clever charismatic church leaders, with pretty faces and gleaming white teeth, as they entice thousands of mindless minions with a false sense of security down the wide road to Hell.

Bill Cosby recognizes "happycrap" when he hears it.  Who knew Bill had the spiritual gift of discernment?


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