Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lefty Lunatics At Large In Frutvale Elementary School in HEMET, CA

We often become aware of the lunatic fringe on the Left when we read about their foolishness in the media or read it on the net.
This JUST happened…in Michigan. It was only a matter of time before Texas got in on the “terrorist threat” gravy train.

Get this: a 13-year-old student at the Cy-Fair ISD was sporting an NYPD t-shirt. She and her pals were pretending to play cops and robbers, each doing the ol’ “air gun” thing at each other. The teacher turned around and immediately thought this girl was aiming her imaginary glock at her. Fearing for her life (yes, this is what the teacher said), the hyperbolic teacher sent the fake gunslinger to the principal’s office. The result: a 3-day suspension for making a “terroristic threat.”

The district, naturally, refused to comment. Why? ‘Cause they know this is freakin’ stupidBeaumont Enterprise

Well sometimes it happens right under your nose; right in your own community, and that's when you know that it isn't just someone else's problem in some other remote place. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

It was just two days ago that I reposted THIS.  The first time I posted it, I was being facetious, but today it is reality. Crazy people, incapable of rational discernment are all around us.

Tonight a friend sent me a photocopy of a disciplinary referral slip that was issued to her friend's child at school today. I will not post the photo because I want to protect the child's identity. What was his offense?  It is hard to describe so I will just reproduce the teacher's actual description.

READY?  Here it is: "MAKING GUNS WITH HANDS." That's right. The little "perp" actually pointed his finger at another student.  Its a good thing the quick thinking teacher was their to protect her other students.  That finger could have "gone off" and caused some serious damage or even DEATH.

 When I was a kid, we got in trouble for making gestures with a different finger but, today that is protected as freedom of expression. Pointing your finger like a gun is considered a threat or a hate crime.

Shame, Shame, SHAME on the teacher and administrator at FRUITVATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN HEMET. They have no sense and no discernment. This is one of the reasons so many parents are homeschooling their children these days. Imbecilic dopes who don't know the difference between guns and fingers are in charge of teaching. That's probably why so many children don't know how to read and write and count and think.

Look out folks, CRAZY people are all around us. Most of them don't even know they're crazy but lots of them are high paid, union protected, perfeshunal skool ejukaters..

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