Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If Your Son's Name Is HUNTER, He May Be The Next TARGET Of The Anti-Gun Nuts

I Knew It; I Predicted It in This Post In 2008 And Again In 2010.  Watch Out.  If You Name Your Son "Hunter" He May Be The Next "TARGET" (no pun intended) Of The Anti-Gun Nuts. 


Do Not Do This Near A School.
Anyone Caught With A Loaded Finger
Will Be Expelled Or Incarcerated.

When They Outlaw Fingers, 
Only Outlaws Will Have Fingers

It has been reported that nearly 40,000 children take guns to school each year. That seems incredible. I am naturally skeptical so I wonder about the legitimacy of the report. But after giving the matter some objective consideration I have concluded that the unbelievable statistic is nonsense. Most of us know the reasoning behind the law and we know what a gun is. The outrageous statistic is driven by political correctness and is based on the sheer stupidity and inane foolishness of idiots who have no understanding of language.

Under new zero-tolerance policies, children have been removed from schools for possession of squirt guns, cap guns and even miniature gun replicas on key chains. Does anyone remember the little elementary school guy who drew a picture of a gun with a crayon, cut it out, and then pointed it at a classmate? He was expelled. Another student was expelled for pretending to have a gun.

I play a game with my grandson where we point our gun-shaped fingers and fire imaginary bullets at each other. He grabs his chest; then he reels, groans, staggers and falls in an incredible death act certainly worthy of an Oscar. He will start kindergarten soon and so now I am wondering if I am teaching him something that may get him expelled. If an imaginary or make-believe gun qualifies as a weapon, then, potentially, any student who points his index finger with his thumb cocked may be found guilty and punished for the illegal possession of a gun in a school. And as ridiculous as that might sound, that very act has already been determined to be an act of unlawful intimidation or even hate-motivated threats in some schools.

Most of our laws were written with good intentions. But they must be administered by people who have some sense of wisdom and understanding. Unfortunately there is very little of that left in the world. Some of the very people we entrust to teach our children those qualities are unequipped and incapable of rational thinking or discernment themselves.

Foolishness brings joy to those who have no sense; a sensible person stays on the right path. Proverbs 15:21

This post was originally titled, "Do Not Bring Loaded Fingers To School."  When I first posted it two years ago, I was being sarcastic.  I was doing, what Rush Limbaugh calls, illustrating absurdity by being absurd.  I really thought this kind of nonsense was unusual and rare. 
Well I was wrong.  It has happened again.  This unbelievable incident was recorded on page 15 in the May, 2010 edition of AMERICA'S FIRST FREEDOM, a publication of the NRA. 

A 6-year-old Michigan boy was suspended for two days after making a "gun" with his hand and pointing it at other students.  School officials in Ionia said the boy's actions made other students uncomfortable  The boy's mother, however, said there was no violent intention in his behavior, He's only six and he doesn't understand any of this," she told the Grand Rapids Press.

Fortunately, all my grandchildren are home schooled and, therefore, protected from the lunatics that run the public school asylums.



Daisy said...

As a Public School Teacher I am disgusted with this violent training of your grandchildren. As a homeschool parent I am wondering if you will come over and model for me and my children how to "die" for the camera.

At my school we only have knives and CO2 powered pellet guns.

Oh! Great! I forgot to sign out of my wife's account. At least I will not wear mine out...


Andy said...

Ralph, this stuff angers me, too. I'm not so sure I believe that this law was written with good intentions. i have very serious doubts about the intentions of people who wish to legislate what I can think or do with my fingers.

Today in Chicago they had a "guns for cash" deal. People can turn their guns in to the police - no questions asked - for money. Everyone shown on the news turning in a gun was a normal law-abiding citizen just looking for a way to get some extra cash. But our mayor is patting himself on the back for getting guns of the streets. All the guns taken in today were in closets, not on the streets.

I just finished watching "Hang 'em High on TCM. I know of a more effective way to deal with crime than by teaching kids what shape they can't make with their fingers!

Ron Livesay said...

It is really hard to imagine what liberal "ejukaders" will think of next to make themselves look foolish.