Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Life Of Ralphy - Life Under Obama

May 7, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

It’s been quite a while since I have written to you but lately, I’ve been a little disturbed reading about the life of this mythical (like your composite New York girlfriend), entitlement dependent, Julia who is the new poster chick for life under your reign.

Well sir, I have been around almost as long as your NEW imaginary girlfriend and I have a much different view of America where we are all free to make our own way without your help. 
Here is My Life; I call it “The Life of Ralphy” and mine is REAL. 

At Age 4,
Under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, my mother enrolled me in a preschool (we called them nursery schools in those days) because she worked part-time.  It wasn’t because I needed a” Head Start” to be ready for kindergarten; nobody I knew needed a head start for kindergarten.  That was the job of parents.  We all got our head starts at home with our mothers who taught us songs, nursery rhymes, how to tie our shoes, how to count and add, and the alphabet.  And our fathers were there when discipline was needed.  Nursery schools were private and my parents paid the price for child care without government assistance.  Under President Eisenhower, this nation had a robust work ethic, a respect for God and a competitive atmosphere which encouraged self-reliance.  We didn’t need no stinkin’ state-run programs to indoctrinate innocent children with socialistic ideas.

At Age 8,
During Eisenhower’s second term, I got my first job.  My parents didn’t even know I had it until my mother found me selling newspapers in the grocery store.  Under an Obama presidency, an eight-year-old has a snowball’s chance in a hot place of finding employment.  And even teens can’t be employed without getting permission from bureaucrats; what’s that all about?  Well my parents allowed me to continue my job (one of many I had as a child) because they knew it was good for me.  I earned my own money.  And I bought my own stuff.  It wasn’t much but my boss paid me in silver coins which actually had some value unlike the worthless slugs you call money today.

At Age 17
I took my SAT tests and was well-prepared for college without any College and Career ready standards.  Why?  Because when I went to school, we learned how to read and write and count and think.  Teachers didn’t waste their time on multicultural, PC, revisionist history, tree-hugging, America hating, how-to-stretch-a-condom on a Green banana, happycrap.

At Age 18
I enrolled in a community college.  I worked part-time as a cook at a hamburger stand, I swept the sidewalks at my school campus, and I worked as a night-time janitor to pay the tuition costs and buy my books because that’s what responsible, self-reliant people do.   At graduation I didn’t have any student loan debt and if I did, I never would have considered defaulting on it and leaving the tax-payers holding the bag.  Nor would I expect the taxpayers to just give it to me. 

At Age 21
Just a few months after our marriage, my wife and I bought our first house.  It wasn’t new and it wasn’t big but it was ours.  We saved enough for a 10% down-payment and qualified for a loan on the merits of my $400.00 per month income.  That’s what responsible, self-reliant people used to do before you were around to help.

At Age 23
Unlike Julie, I didn’t need surgery but my wife and I were expecting our first daughter.  We paid for our own visits to her doctor and we began to save the money that would be required for the birth at the local hospital.  The day we checked out with our baby in tow, we wrote the check.  And when our second daughter was born, we did the same.  Those were the days when, without any government interference in our health care, it was actually affordable to most working people.
Under your administration, no one can afford it.  And catastrophic health insurance was affordable then too.  Frankly I think life was much better before your massive expansion of the Nanny State in every aspect of our lives.

At Age 26
I started my own business.  I started small, worked hard, bought my own equipment, and paid my own way.  When the business grew, I hired help.  I got no aid from the government and I liked it that way. 

At Age 30
We made the decision to enroll both our children in Christian schools.  It was expensive and difficult.  My wife started her own business just to pay tuition but it was worth it.  We wanted our girls to grow up to become conservative Christian ladies.  Fat chance of that ever happening in the cesspool of godless, government controlled liberal indoctrination centers.  And guess what?  Now that they are grown, they vote (not for you).

At Age 48
I was employed as the CEO of a private non-profit Christian ministry providing housing and care for the elderly.  For several years businesses, throughout the industry, flourished.  During the last three years, under your administration, increasing regulations and an economic recession have caused a rapid increase in costs and a massive decline in clientele.  But, because none of us are “too big to fail,” our businesses are struggling and many have closed.  

So here I am at Age 64
I really had hoped for a few more years of employment but now, under your reign, I have become unemployed (Sorry Chief, “unemployed” refers to the people you count in your phony unemployment numbers) I am one of those whom you have described as “not working.”  The upside to my “not working” is that I am NOT paying any more income taxes.

I have applied, early, for my Social Security benefit (yes it is mine; I earned it, the government took it from me without my permission, and made a promise to me that it is locked away safely and it is mine). 
It’s a fine predicament we’re in here under your Obama Administration.  I’m “not working,” my home value has plummeted, my savings account is devaluing rapidly due to your non-stop printing of worthless currency, the cost of goods and services are increasing due to inflation, our constitutional rights are being systematically stripped away, lawlessness abounds, and your administration has no desire to protect the citizens of the United States.

But there still remains Hope and Change for me, I still have the right to vote.
So At Age 65

I intend to do it early and often and I HOPE we, the people, CHANGE presidents.


Ralph M. Petersen,
American Patriot.

Mailed to the White House, 5-7-2012


Anonymous said...

Did you actually send this to the white house? I think that it is really awesome if you did!


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

Yes, I did send it to the White House. I have written about two dozen letters to Obama and sent them personally via U.S. Postal Service. Every one of them have been archived here on my blog. You can find most of them in the category, "Letters to Obama."