Monday, December 5, 2011

Is Stupidity A Prerequisite For Public Employment?

Hard to believe?  Hard to believe?  

NO!  It's NOT hard to believe.

Why would we expect TSA security agents to be any smarter than public school teachers and administrators?

OH!  They probly lernt this stuff in publik skools.

It's just a good thing that she didn't point her loaded finger at someone.


Ron Livesay said...

Does it ever stop? I once had a problem because of an NRA key ring ornament in the shape of a .45 caliber cartridge. It had holes in both sides for the key ring, and it was obviously all one piece. The "bullet" could not come out of the case, and any powder inside would have spilled out. It was so obviously a fake that a five-year-old child would have known the difference. On top of which, what good is a bullet without a gun? Only after a supervisor was called did I get through with it. Even then, the agent said as I went through, "If it was up to me, you wouldn't be able to take that with you." It would have been funny if it weren't so idiotic.

It was interesting that I found in the book store inside of security a nice selection of gun magazines. I wondered if maybe those pictures of guns might also have been some kind of a threat. Maybe they should have confiscated all those magazines before some little old lady or some toddler grabbed a magazine and used it to take over a plane.

And then there was the Medal of Honor winner - a real American hero - who had his medal taken away at security because "it might be a weapon." He did get it back, but there again is another example of ignorance or maybe even outright stupidity.

Again I ask, "Does it ever stop?"

Ellery said...

Nice, real nice.

Wait... I teach in the public schools... I have never suggested the TSA for a career choice... hmmm.