Friday, December 9, 2011

The Great Liberal Challenge--Go Ahead, I Dare You!

Why am I politically conservative?   Because I am a Christian.  Not that Christianity is political, but when it comes to how I vote and what I believe about my national citizenship, my Christian faith absolutely requires a consistent conservative political, economic, moral, and social position because it is compatible with biblical truth.
I cannot think of one single liberal position, objective, concept, belief, persuasion, tenet, ideology, principle, solution, theory, viewpoint, or conviction of the left in any matters of governance, economics, environmentalism, social issues, or even religion that are not diametrically opposed to the clear teachings of the Word of God.  In fact, I think the term "liberal Christian" is an oxymoron.

So there's the challenge.  If you can think of any position of the left that is compatible with a truly biblical Christian worldview, please let me know.   And, if you are successful, I will publicly repent here on my blog.


Ron Livesay said...

Ralph: I have said many times that liberal politics and liberal theology go hand-in-hand. They both find their foundation in the hope-against-hope idea that man is basically good, and that given enough oppontunity, he will redeem himself and everything will be great. Since that is a seriously-flawed premise, all conclusions based on it are doomed to be wrong. (Actually, such a premise is more than "seriously-flawed." It is flat-out wrong and the opposite of the truth.)

While it is a false accusation to say that we believe God is a Republican, I do believe He would not approve of believers voting in favor of unbiblical things, such as the murder of our children in the womb. I also believe that, while there is no perfect candidate or perfect party, the Lord would not be pleased by His people being part of any organization that openly stands against biblical principles.

Pumice said...


I finally took the time to make my picture smaller so it would show up when I followed someone. Now I will not have as good an excuse for missing your latest challenge.

Every item I might list to answer your challenge replies on some really warped mistranslations, such as the use of the term "social justice." I think you are safe on this one.

Grace and piece.