Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Most Awesome Office Space On The Planet

After serving nearly 16 years at a non-profit Christian home for the elderly, the time has come to pull the plug.

The pay has been moderate at best but there have been perks.  In lieu of raises, they gave me great titles (President, Administrator, and CEO) and, with the titles, I have enjoyed the most awesome office space imaginable.  It is truly a most enviable "man cave."  My office is bigger and better than that oval shaped one in the West Left Wing of the White House (eat your heart out Your Highness).  My personal "No Spin Zone" CRASH PAD has been a quiet conservative retreat from the wacky, liberal liberal world of fruits and nuts all around me.  It has been a comfortable Board meeting room, a relaxing place for other meetings, a distraction-free place for study, and a pleasant place for my more than ample sized executive desk.  And who else has a couple stuffy old people standing guard at the door, a large covered balcony, fireplace, or a baby grand piano in his office?

Anyway, I will soon begin to pack up my 25 year rhinoceros collection and all the other weird stuff that I have accumulated just because it amused me.   So my oldest daughter, Dawn, visited last week and captured the atmosphere of my personal museum space in four videos for me to share with all my friends with both my friends with any obscure, idle, unknown person out there, without a life or anything better to do, who might be interested in taking a look.

So I present, here, a four part video tour of "Ralph's Rhinoceros Room."

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Meghan Smith said...

I'd be very distracted in that office. That is wonderful. Too bad you have to take it all down.