Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Hookers

Tomorrow is Fish Amnesty Day. PETA is trying to bring the plight of poor little fishies to the attention of evil, insensitive, and cruel people who "hook" them for sport or eat them for lunch.
I never really thought about their "feelings" before. I'm sorry! I repent! I pray that all the little, orphaned "fishkittens" will forgive me someday for the way I caused their ancestors to suffer.
Tomorrow, in observance of Fish Amnesty Day, I am going to right the wrongs I have done to all the little fish who have been held imprisoned against their wills in a glass aquarium with no hope of ever seeing their mothers or fathers or siblings again. One little flush and they will be happily on their way through the sewer pipes and back to the ocean where they will be "free at last." Goodbye little fishkittens. Have a nice life! Think of me in your prayers and please forgive me.
For Sale - 
One slightly used aquarium with all the apparatus (or is that apparati?) - cheap.


Corey P. said...

Forgive me, Fishies, for I have sinned. *facepalm* :)

The Blainemonster said...

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals....;)

Pumice said...

If you were really sincere about this you would donate your old fish tank to those poor heroes who are demonstrating for the advancement of communism in front of our city halls.

They need places to sleep and from what I hear the smell would be appreciated.

Grace and peace.