Sunday, September 21, 2008


ne steamy day, beneath the scorching sun, Captain Croc O'Dile steered his riverboat towards the jetty where Bill and Becky Baboon waited under a sunshade. Their son, Ben, whirled a thick jungle vine which he had learned to use as a lasso.

"All aboard for a gentle river trip!" cried Captain Croc O'Dile with a lazy smile.

The baboons excitedly climbed aboard but as soon as the boat had set off again, the engine failed. The boat began to drift away in the mangrove swamp...

"What shall we do?" they wailed. Just then, Ricky Rhinoceros passed by on the river bank, and Ben had a very clever idea...Using his lasso, he quickly cast its loop over the big horn on Ricky's nose and tied the other end of the lasso to the boat. Ricky towed the riverboat back to the jetty.

"It's lucky you're so strong, Ricky!" said Ben.

"Lucky you're such an expert with a lasso!" replied Ricky, untying the loop from his horn.

"And even luckier Ben kept a cool head on such a hot day!" laughed Captain Croc O'Dile, mooring the riverboat firmly to the jetty.

Illustrated by Peter Stevenson
copyright (c) 2002 by Egmont Books Limited

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