Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Perfect Presidential Candidate

He is the perfect man for the job.

He will be all things for all men.

He can CHANGE.

He is flexible; he is moldable.

Bend him, pull him, squeeze him.

Wrap him around your finger or keep him in your pocket.

He is the ideal presidential candidate.

He will be anything you want him to be.

Oh! And did I mention, HE'S GREEN?

He is Barack Ogumby.


Anonymous said...

We do have some unique candidates this year. Someone has referred in a disparaging manner to McCain and Palin as "Grandpa and Barbie." "Grandpa and Barbie" are fine with me, especially when all the other side can offer us are "The Snake" and "The Weasel."

Anonymous said...

The fact that anyone would knowingly and intentionally vote for Obama is proof-positive that there should be an intelligence test before anyone is allowed to register to vote.

Stan McCullars said...

Intelligence test. Not bad.

I would add to that a requirement, like they used to have, of real estate ownership.

Add to that public hanging for any politician who voted for Marxism, Communism, etc...