Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As Much As This Hurts, I Am Offering My Help To John McCain

Yesterday I posted the letter I sent to the DNC. Here is the letter I sent to the RNC.

My wife is fearful that some secret government men in black suits and dark glasses are going to surveil our house and tap our phone lines. They have more to worry about than me. I did get some responses to my letters though. Both committees thanked me for my support for their causes, promised to pass my letters higher up for immediate attention, and asked me to send money. THAT IS PROOF THAT THEY ARE ALL IGNORANT, CLUELESS IDIOTS OR THEY DON'T EVEN READ THE MAIL. I think both!

To the Republican National Committee;

I feel badly that your party has NO CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE in this election. If I can be of help, I'm willing to run as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

There is one problem though. Unlike John McCain, I am NOT a Jello moderate. I do hold to conservative principles and convictions. My name on your ticket might help your campaign to capture some of those votes of disenfranchised Clinton supporters who have nowhere else to go. And I am certain that a lot of those angry Republicans who have absolutely NO CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE to vote for, might actually get out and vote if they see a conservative’s name on the ticket. Also, some people tell me I look good in a suit.

Although I don’t agree with your party’s ideology (the Republican Party abandoned conservatism a long time ago), I am willing to demean myself and run as a Republican for the money.

Let me know if I can be of help but you better act quickly because I have also made a similar offer to the Obama campaign and I will take the first offer that comes along.

Ralph M. Petersen


Daisy said...

LOL. I think my husband and I actually spewed soda from laughing so hard.

This is a really tough election. Right now I'm writing in a vote. I'm tired of compromising my moral beliefs in the attempts to play some political game of my vote for this person is a vote against that person or my vote against that person is really just a vote for that person. Uugh!!

Living in California, we know just what we'll be getting in someone like McCain. All we have to do is look at the govenator.

Ralph M. Petersen- Always Right;Sometimes Wrong! said...

You are right, Daisy; this is the most dismal offering of candidates I've seen in my lifetime. It's pathetic. The extreme, whacked out left has a candidate (Obama) and the moderate Democrats have a candidate (McCain). There is nobody to excite conservatives.

I don't want to try to talk you out of your write-in vote but I do want to respond with, what I think is, an important point. We can expect very little conservative leadership from John McCain ( a man who is proud of his record of compromising with the enemies of right and decency) but we will certainly see long-lasting disastrous results of an Obama reign of terror.

The single, most important issue at stake in the next presidential term is certain to be the appointment of at least one supreme court justice. Justice Stevens is about 84 years old and he will probably drop dead before the end of the next term. We know what Obama thinks of our Constitution and what kind of a nut he might appoint (Hillary?). At least John McCain has gone on record to support the appointment of justices who will be strict constructionist and not judicial activists. That, in my opinion makes this next election very critical.

The time for casting conscience votes for the most moral, decent character is in primaries. The general election is a time to do whatever it takes to win the war and I believe it is not helpful for our soldiers to fall on their own swords to make a moral statement and risk the damage to our children and grandchildren.

Just some thoughts.