Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Jimmy Carter illustrates perfectly, why Christians should NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT vote for anyone just because he wears the name, “Christian."  A real Christian’s civic responsibility is to vote right.

A lot of us bought the, “born again” ticket years ago when Carter was campaigning for President. I remember some in my own denomination who voted solely on the basis of his membership in a Baptist Church. Surely, they reasoned, he will share our conservative Christian values. Attending a Baptist church doesn’t make a person a Christian any more than eating a donut makes one a cop.

Most would agree;( Until recently), Jimmy Carter was the worst president this country ever elected and it wasn’t the fault of his church membership or the Christian faith. It wasn't even the fault of his "Billy Beer" drinking brother. It was the fault of his miserable, ungodly, whacked out, lunatic, left-wing policies.

And, as if he hadn’t done enough damage to this country during his presidency, he has spent the past few years chumming around with his America-hating cronies throughout the world, bad-mouthing this country and its current president all under the guise of “tolerance, world peace, humanity, brotherly love, understanding, and diplomacy.”

Now that he has managed to screw up the world, he has a new mission to "fix" the Southern Baptist Convention. He and a bunch of apostates, emergents, and other assorted liberal “CHRINOs” (that’s CHristian In Name Only), including the world’s self-appointed Green Messiah, Algore, are heading up a movement to “heal” the SBC of the dreaded diseases of fundamentalism and conservatism that have plagued their denomination and to finally end their pointless divisions over silly, non-essential stuff like the Bible.

At the close of a gathering of more than 14,000 people for the “Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant” (an event he called “the most momentous event in my religious life”), Carter said, “We can disagree on the death penalty, we can disagree on homosexuality, we can disagree on the status of women and still bind our hearts together in a common, united, generous, friendly, loving commitment,”

Well, first of all, Jimmy, we don’t need your New Covenant. The new one God made with us two thousand years ago still suits us just fine.

And secondly, we do disagree on the death penalty (which is Scriptural), and homosexuality (which God calls an abomination), and the status of women (which, according to God’s design, merits much more dignity, honor, and respect for women than most liberals are willing to allow).

Scripture is worth fighting for and Truth is worth dividing over. WE WILL NEVER BIND OUR HEARTS TOGETHER IN A COMMON, UNITED, GENEROUS, FRIENDLY, LOVING COMMITMENT.

So, Jimmy, I have several suggestions for you, Algore and all the rest of the New Baptist Covenant celebrants:
  • Stop calling yourselves Christians.

  • Stop calling yourselves Baptists.

  • Get out of the SBC and leave them alone.

  • Light the incense, pour the Kool Aid, join your hands together, think happy thoughts, and sing, “Kum Bah Yah.”

  • Do your part to save the world from evil and carbon dioxide pollution. Place some plastic bags over your heads, tie them snuggly around your necks and put the rest of us out of your misery.

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