Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are You At Peace With, Or Under The Wrath Of God?

"What peace can you have when God is your enemy, when the wrath of God is abiding upon your poor soul? Awake, then, you that are sleeping in a false peace, awake, ye carnal professors, ye hypocrites that go to church, receive the sacrament, read your Bibles, and never felt the power of God upon your hearts; you that are formal professors, you that are baptized heathens; awake, awake, and do not rest on a false bottom."

George Whitfield


Daisy said...

Yeh, I had a gal on a forum today ask us all what kind of church would be the best "fit" for her. She isn't looking to get religion and doesn't want to be "preached at" but feels that her children might benefit from the fellowship and character-building. Unfortunately, she might be able to find that church.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just read the whole thing at the link. What a contrast between that and “Jesus wants to be your friend and give you your best life now if you will let him.”