Sunday, September 11, 2022

Jesus and Judas (revised)

 About ten years ago, I promised a Facebook friend that I would address a concern he had about a newly released movie, “The Son of God.”  For the record, I have NOT, nor will I ever see the movie so I really cannot offer an informed critique. If you are looking for that, there is ample on the internet.

Nevertheless, there is one major, troubling bit of subtle heretical content of which I became aware and on that portion alone, I had decided that I WILL NOT view the movie.

The scene has to do with Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. It was when Jesus is eating the Passover meal with His disciples that He suddenly has a surprising, revelatory vision of Judas betraying Him. Then He turns to Judas to convince him (against his will) to do it.

This is nothing new; we saw something similar in “Jesus Christ, Superstar.” That ancient heresy is rooted in Gnosticism. 

The Gospel of Judas is NOT a book in the Bible. In it is found a man named Judas who is not the man portrayed in the Word of God. This other Judas is described as Jesus’ closest friend and most trusted confidant who is the only one of the twelve who really understood what Jesus needed to do. This Judas was an unwilling betrayer and Jesus had to take him into His confidence and convince him of this holy, high calling. 

So, out of loyalty to his beloved friend, and with grief in his heart, Judas delivers Jesus over to the Romans. Thus Judas, according to this fake narrative, was an obedient servant.

So there is the one scene where Jesus convinced Judas to act, that bothered me. The Gospel of Judas is NOT a gospel nor is it inspired scripture. I find it odd that, even though the writers and filmmakers insisted that their intent was to accurately portray Jesus in strict accordance with the Bible, they would draw from a heretical religion with a heretical tradition drawn from a heretical book to show us a picture of a fake Jesus and an exonerated Judas.

So, based on that one scene alone, I will not waste my time or money on this heretical movie. 

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