Monday, January 4, 2016

Your Wife Is Not Your Meet

"MEET" is NOT a noun.  God did not create a Helpmeet for Adam. He didn't even create a Helpmate for Adam. Your wife is not your meet.  She might be your mate and she might be your helper but that has nothing to do with what the text says. It says, "God made a help meet for him (Adam)."
The word, as used there, is an archaic adjective. That's because it comes from the King James version which is archaic.  If you are a KJV ONLY, Christian, then you don't know what archaic words mean so you have to invent new definitions. That gets confusing.  Other newer translations are more helpful.  The word means suitable, fitting, or proper.
If you look at the passage in its context you will note that God, after He created all animal life, brought the animals (both male and female) before Adam to see what he would name them. And, the text notes, there was not a help meet (or suitable, or appropriate) for him. So, verse 18 in Gen. 2 says (in modern English) that God said, "I will make a helper suitable for Man."
The suitable, or fitting. or proper companion appropriate for a man, as designed by God, is a woman.

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