Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is Alice Cooper A Christian?

Here is my analysis of this interview on the Harvest Show

The Interviewer asks Alice,  “Tell us how you came to the faith.”

This is where I get interested.  Alice replies by saying,  “I am the prodigal son. “  He goes on with his credentials.  His Father was a pastor.  His grandfather was an evangelist.  Heck, his father-in-law was even a BAPTIST pastor.    He grew up in the church.  All his friends were in the church.  He was there every Sunday, every Wednesday night, and every Friday night; it was a blast.  His entire social life was in the church.

So, by this time (after over two minutes into his "testimony"), I am still hoping to hear him answer the question.  After all, spending a lot of time in church doesn’t make one a Christian any more than spending time in a donut shop makes one a cop. 

He continues by stating that all of his songs have Christian bywords (his term) in them.  They have warnings about Satan.  The interviewer tries to lead him, “That is kind of the core message in your music, isn’t it?”

And the interviewer was right.  Alice mentioned Satan a lot.  But maybe I will hear something in the messages of his songs that might reveal his beliefs.

Alice Cooper responds,  “It always has been.”   He then expands his comments by asserting that all of his music had a common theme (even when he wasn’t a Christian).   That common theme was, apparently, the antagonism between good and evil or “God and the devil.”  To which he urges, “Don’t pick the devil.”

Once again, the interviewer tries to steer him back on point.   “We’ve all heard of the gospel according to Matt, Mk, Luke, and John.  What is the gospel according to Alice?

That is the right question.  That is what I still want to hear.  

Alice Cooper responds with an anecdote about how he believes in God because he believes the Bible.  From there He wanders by observing that God has put him in the camp of the Philistines (his metaphor for the ungodly world) and he has to live his life in front of them.   “I try to live my faith every day; that’s my testimony.” 

Good, Here is the part where I am hoping to hear his testimony.   But it never happens.  He talks a lot about the dangers of failing to live up to his faith but he never says what his faith is.  He never mentions anything about sin, repentance, salvation, or anything about Jesus’ atoning death on the cross for his sin.  In fact, throughout the entire course of this interview, he never once mentions the name,  Jesus.

The interviewer then gives up and turns the subject to a joint ministry, The Solid Rock Foundation, which Alice started with his pastor friend, Chuck Savelle.  His stated ministry purpose is to give underprivileged and at risk kids a place to go and opportunities to hang out and play in a safe environment under the oversight of Christian businessmen with no apparent, legitimate gospel purpose.  “Give the kids a safe place to go and a creative outlet.  That is the best way for them to see who we are.”

At the end of the interview I still don’t know who he is.  Is Alice Cooper is a Christian.  I believe he is a sincere and honorable man who tries to live a good life and do a lot of social good.  But in this interview, he failed to articulate any convincing understanding of the Gospel, Jesus Christ, or salvation.  In fact, the whole of his interview suggests a good works-based faith wrapped in the hope that he can ride through heavens gate on the coattails of his forefathers.

Actually Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and Barack Obama have articulated much more convincing testimonies.  Each of them have clearly stated that Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior yet no Christians, I know, believe that to be true.  There may be other statements made by Alice in other interviews, but in my opinion, the conclusions propagated in this interview call for some cautious spiritual discernment.    I would be anxious to hear some further clarification from Alice Cooper.   

"Let the redeemed of the Lord SAY SO!”  Psalm 107:2


Anonymous said...

I've wondered about Cooper as well. I heard that he golfed with Sproul, so if there's anyone you need to be with that can help guide and direct you to a Christ-centered, Biblically-sound walk it would be him.

Destiny's Child said...

“Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's real rebellion.”

Anonymous said...

Hi there and God Bless.

Alice's father was a ordained Baptist Minister. The woman Alice married, her father is or was also a ordained Baptist Minister.

It's a curse to this generation from the Lord, that's my belief. He was the first one who went in this direction musically. First guy to have a woman's name,first to wear woman's clothing, with the high heels and everything eles. Within 10 yrs from 1969 gay bars exploded everywhere in all mayor cities and men and women dressing up as opposites to what they really are.

I believe it's a curse because before Alice, hippies the love generation and lots of drugs people where having sex out of marriage like never before. It ticked off The Lord and He gave them what they want.

Now this generation is very sick and primed for punishment.

Songs like Dead Babies and just leaving them on the self to rot or whatever, was song before all this explosive abortions that we see today. There other song where he sings about children screaming at their mothers and fathers and devils taking their children away..which is very true for this generation.

Alice has no divorce hanging over his head like the great multitude of people...He has no tattoo's like everyone he's surrounded by.

He never whored around ever. Before 9/11 his album Brutal Planet which came out a few months before is talking singing about something very similar.

His latest song Born this way is actually something that you will see very soon. When many church's and priests pastors will preach a different doctrine to the people.

Excepting sin as we are and it's ok type of thing.

This generation is in deep darkness and primed for punishment.

Kind of a lucky guy, he really enjoys this. But I also believe he will go to prison after death for a while, just like many of us.

Anonymous said...

Listen up, Redeemed Ones
Alice Cooper is a FRAUD, a wolf in sheep's clothing!
Let's start with his name, shall we? The reason he changed his name to that of a woman, is because Alice Cooper really was a woman that died many years ago. I do not know her story, but Vincent Furmier INVITED HER SPIRIT into his body to possess him, thus HE became Alice Cooper. Now, IF he were really redeemed, don't you think that one of the first things the Holy Spirit might prompt him to do is get rid of that demonic name??? I mean I'm just saying, but instead, the guy KEEPS the demonic name into his "redeemed" life as a born-again? REALLY???????
Flock! this guy is a deciever!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why someone who calls themself a Christian wants to continue in the same lifestyle, sharing the stage with the likes of marilyn manson, etc. I am not going to pass judgement on him, but I would not feel comfortable doing what he does.

Richard Ferguson said...

Actually, the reason Alice Cooper changed his name was because when he was kicked out of his band, which was titled Alice Cooper, he wanted to perform under the name that had been built.

In order to do that, he legally changed his name - that way, even if the band wanted to keep the name, he could legally use it; after all, you can't stop somebody from going by their own name.

So it wasn't a matter of being occultic or homosexual - it was branding.

Nerve Breakthrough said...

Attached is a response to Mr. Cooper's challenge to point out hypocrisy, if there be any: