Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Low Can They Go?

Attack Watch is a new site where good people (liberals) can report any smears or negative press from bad people (conservatives).   I joined today and reported myself.  Here is the text of my report: 

I am "self reporting."  

My blog is located at  It contains lots of sarcastic and caustic anti-Obama criticism (including all 26 letters that I have mailed to Him personally).  

I am a conservative, a Christian, a TEA partier, a constitutionalist, a 2nd amendment supporter, a member of the NRA and an angry right-wing extremist (according to Janet Napolitano) dedicated to ensuring that Obama is a ONE TERM PRESIDENT.

So I wanted to save you all from the trouble of discovering me.  Here I am sap-suckers.  Come and get me!


Constitution Girl said...

Did they take you up on it? :D

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

@ Constitution Girl-
No I haven't heard anything from them. You might remember that Obama tried this shortly after the election. He set up a special web site called on the white house computers. I self-reported then too. The site only lasted a few days and was quickly shut down.