Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Obama Reelection Campalgn Wants ME!

I’m in for 2012!  Can you believe it?   

No kidding; I got a personal invitation.  They want me to be an official volunteer.  Wow, I'm getting a tingling thrill running up my leg. 

Some of the work I may be asked to do includes recruiting other volunteers, registering voters, or talking to my friends and neighbors about what they hope to see from this campaign.  I may even lead a canvass next summer or perhaps even become a “community organizer.”

Can you believe it?  Obama’s people have to be the dumbest rocks on the planet.  What are they thinking? 

So what did I do to get their attention?  I signed an eCard for Obama’s birthday last week.  That’s right; an electronic birthday card with a short personal message.  This is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. President,

I hope you have a more pleasant birthday 
than I had this year.  Mine sucked! 
You’re killing us out here, man.

When I clicked on the send button, it took me to a donation page where I could elect to send a birthday donation.  Yeah, right.  I declined.

I think they think I really care. 
Obviously they didn’t bother to READ THE STINKIN' MESSAGE I SENT!

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