Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Patrick Kennedy Credibility Gap That Everyone Missed

I won't say he is a liar but this seems incredible to me.

On the floor of the house yesterday, during his screaming, out-of-control rant Kennedy made this statement (starting at about 44 seconds into this video clip), "...someone said 'I can't go to a funeral and tell the parents of someone who just died that they lost their child in vain.'  Somewhere I heard that during the Viet Nam war."

Fact Check

The Viet Nam war ended in April, 1975.

Patrick Kennedy was born July 14, 1967.

Patrick Kennedy was eight years old when the war ended.  Maybe he did hear it but I am 62 years old.  We were engaged in the Korean War that ended when I was about six and I can't hardly remember anything about that. 

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