Friday, August 14, 2009

Support For My President

I did my good deed for the day. I exercised my civic duty. I rallied to the support of my president's administration.

Last week he appealed for all Americans to report any "fishy" emails that may have disinformation about his socialist government takeover of health services to

Yesterday I received a very long email from some joker named David Axelrod that looked fishy to me and is probably full of disinformation so I forward it to the White House with this note:

Special thanks to a couple great kids in

Bakersfield for sending this picture from their
field trip to the natural history museum.

Dear Mr. President

Thanks for looking out for us.

You asked us to forward any "fishy" looking emails that might contain disinformation about your health plan. Well here's one I got yesterday from some doofus named David Axelrod (sounds like some phony mob name). I'm sure he must be some kind of Chicago thug. Anyway, he sent me this long email that is full of fish puke. Maybe you could straighten him out.

Thanks again.


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