Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Important Message For The GOP: Get Rid of the RINOS

This excellent analysis by John Hawkins on first caught my eye because of the word "RINOS" in its title but the message is right on target. Frankly, I think its time to throw out both parties and start over but that will never happen. The GOP seems to be proud of being just slightly right of center and they call that conservatism (the left calls it right-wing extremism). The Democrats move further left every time the right moves in their direction. The Republican Party had better wake up and move back toward conservatism or it will die.

“You say that the GOP can't win as a small government party. Well, we've already tried being a big government party for the last 8 years and it failed. You think running a moderate, pro-amnesty candidate who eschews social issues is the key to winning elections? Well, that's who we ran in 2008 and he received even less votes than George Bush did in 2004.

“Basically, we have a lot of moderates in the GOP taking the same attitude that the Left used to take towards communism, "It works, but it just hasn't been tried by the right people yet." It didn't make much sense when the lefties were saying it and it makes even less sense now.”

Read the entire article, Five Hard Truths For RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) here.


Ron Livesay said...

Rhinos are good. Rinos, not so much. In 2012, we need J.C. Watts, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, and other true conservatives as our candidates at all levels.

Stan McCullars said...

Rhinos are good. Rinos, not so much.

A philosophy we conservatives can live by.