Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Your Church Being Stolen By "Change Agents?"

If you definitely know for sure that your church is NOT in danger of being influenced by unscriptural “seeker sensitive,” or “purpose driven” philosophies, it is probably because yours is a church that has a very strong emphasis on teaching sound, biblical doctrine.

If you don’t know for sure; if you have any doubts, the chances are very good that you should have plenty to worry about. Most Christians, in churches that are being commandeered by “change agents” of the Church Growth Movement, have an uneasy sense that there is something wrong but they just can’t quite figure out what it is.

Many of the old traditions, methods and customs have been replaced with the new and the modern. That is not necessarily always bad and in some cases, changes should be made. But, you might be legitimately concerned about the appropriateness of much of what you see happening around you.

One thing you can know for sure; if your leadership has already decided to “change the way we do church,” THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT IT!

If you question any changes, they will attempt to make you feel old-fashioned, self-centered and irrelevant or they will attempt to intimidate you into submission and silence with misapplications of Scripture. If you really believe your leaders might be engineering a new paradigm shift or a major change in purpose, don’t ask them about it. THEY WILL LIE! They will tell you it is not happening, when, in fact, it is and they will continue to work their purpose driven agenda.

The prescribed methodology for church transitions stresses the importance of stealth operations. The change agents work with a very few, close allies and then, identify and marginalize anyone who may be resistant to their objectives. The members must NEVER BE TOLD until the process has become firmly embedded.

Dedicated To The Resistance

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