Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Do I Collect Rhinos?

People often ask
me about my fixation
on rhinos and
why I collect them.

This whole thing started about 30 years ago. A woman walked into my church office with a large calendar photo of a rhinoceros. Because I was the Business Administrator, she thought it was appropriately humorous. On the photo was a caption that said something about being the “Hard Nose” on the finance committee. I was humored by her sarcastic amusement so I tacked it on my office wall. Not long afterward I designed some notepads with a line drawing of a rhino’s head and the caption, “A Note From the Hard Nose.”

Pretty soon, people started giving me all kinds of rhino “stuff” for Christmas, birthdays, or whenever they found something. That was the beginning of my large “crash” which had grown to over 1000 sculptures, figurines, toys, collectibles, photos, posters, framed art, pens, jewelry, books, stuffed animals, clothing, and coffee mugs. In addition, I have hundreds of graphics that I have downloaded from the internet many of which I post here on this blog.

When I told someone I collected rhinos, she was curious about why I would choose to love something so ugly. Until then, I really hadn't thought much about their ugliness, but over time I have developed an affinity for them and I have learned to see beauty in their strength, uniqueness, and special design that many people don’t appreciate.

And when I look at them, I am reminded of God’s love for me.  He sees beyond the ugliness of my sin and chooses to love me anyway.

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Unknown said...

Mr. Petersen, I providentially stumbled upon your blog (or it stumbled upon me) tonight. Wow! I am amazed that I found another Calvinist who loves rhinos like I do (or perhaps more than I do)! I also noticed a bit of ironic sarcasm, a supporter of "the right to bear arms," and political leanings that are similar to mine (I think). I better go to bed now (or perhaps I am dreaming--I won't say whether it is a nightmare or not) that there is someone out there that has so many characteristics like me. Seriously, I have enjoyed perusing your blog tonight and plan to read more in the future. And did I fail to mention, I love all the rhinos (although, for various reasons, I don't have a large collection like you do)!!!
In Christ,
Glenn D. Kerstetter
Soli Deo Gloria!