Monday, December 10, 2007

How To Resolve Personal Conflict

(My politically correct rendition of Matthew 18:15-17 for the 21st Century Evangelical Church in America)
15. Moreover if your brother (or sister or whatever) errs against you, remember, he (or she or whatever) is a victim and it is probably not his (or her or whosever’s) fault. Go and discuss your feelings between you and him (or her or whomever) alone. If he (or she or whatever) hears you, he (or she or it) may sense your compassion and you will have regained your brother’s (or sister’s or whomever’s) warm and fuzzy affections.
16. But if he (or she or it) will not embrace you, take with you a team of one or two who are more sensitive than you, that, by consensus, every misunderstanding may be sympathetically acknowledged.
17. And if he (or she or whatever) still has unresolved issues, appeal to the church that it might assume it’s collective responsibility for his (or her or it’s) misdeeds and make appropriate reparations that he (or she or whoever) will feel comforted. But if he (or she or it) refuses even to be restored by the church, publicly praise him (or her or whomever) and shift the blame to someone else, that his (or her or its) self-esteem shall not be damaged.

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