Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Commenting Rules

You are welcome to comment on any of my blog posts. However, your comments are subject to my rules.

  1. The first thing you must know, before you comment, is that SATIRE AND SARCASM is my signature style.  Please try to discern the difference between the serious and the sarcastic or satirical. For example, if a post is satire, you should not comment as if you think it is serious. I repeat, do not, Not, NOT do that. Because if you do, I may allow your comments to be posted for the whole world to see that you don't get the humor and you might be embarrassed.
  2. Keep it clean. This is my blog and I reserve the right to censor filthy language. Your own sarcasm and slightly irreverent edginess back at me is O.K. Political incorrectness is even better. But if you are vulgar or threatening, you will be deleted and your comment will spend eternity in computer purgatory.  Also, I have been getting quite a few comments written in foreign languages that I cannot read.  If I can't read it, I will delete it. 
  3. I welcome comments with appropriate or relevant links.  BUT, do not send any comments containing links to sites that contain gross profanity, pornography, or blasphemy.
  4. You are entitled to opinions (no matter how inane I think they may be) that disagree with mine. Go ahead and submit them. I can handle honest debate and disagreements.
  5. I will post anonymous comments but preferably you will have a name. If, however, you are ashamed of your point of view because you know it lacks strength, substance or rationale, I will understand if you use a pseudonym (that means a phoney name) but just remember this - God knows who you are.

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