Friday, May 20, 2016

God Is Sovereign

It seems like our culture, our country, and the whole world is rushing headlong into destruction. And every day seems worse than the one before.

So I have to remind myself, continually, that God is Sovereign.

I know that most Christians will admit that He is in control but I wonder if we really mean it.  It's NOT sufficient to simply acknowledge that God can or will use bad situations for our good.  In fact, that idea is a misapplication or faulty interpretation of Roman 8:28.

NO! A God who is Sovereign is NOT reactive; it's not that because He knows the future, He manipulates circumstances and works to change the outcome of bad things. He is not on the defensive. He is NOT interested in your best life now. NO!

The biblical truth is that He is proactive. He has ORDAINED ALL THINGS for His Glory and for the good of those He is saving.

And that is how Christians can find faith and great comfort in times of persecution or tribulation.

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