Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Have Been Blocked

Not long ago I joined a Facebook group called For FREE in Hemet or San Jacinto... MUST pick up...

Some people just don't appreciate a little humor. 

            One member (name withheld) posted this:

Ms. Jennifer Sourpuss -  "hope this is okay..... parents in Hemet, are you aware that the teachers have been working without a contract and the district is not really trying to settle with them? The teacher's voices are not the voices that will be listened to! It is us, the parents that need to speak up! I have school aged children and the thought of a strike scares me, but our teachers deserve fair contract language and fair pay increases. Show your support! Write something on your car window, go to board meetings, ask the teachers what is going on.... they can explain it better than me! Check out the Hemet Teacher's Association face book page!"

To which I responded (and this is where the fun began):

Ralph M. Petersen - "So, tell me, what are you giving away FREE?" 
Ms. Jennifer Sourpuss - Ralph M. Petersen you are an ass, I on the other hand am a parent trying to reach out to other parents. but I will give you a minute to see this before I block you 

Ralph M. Petersen - So you're giving me a free minute?

And that was the end of me.  I guess the FREE stuff site is a humor FREE zone.

I am not allowed 2 laff.

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