Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jesus Created You Because He Wants To Be Your Best Friend

WOW!!! Isn't this fantastic, guys?

Look at all the little false converts we just produced.

This is the same kind of blather that comes out of Willowcreek. Their children's Sunday School materials instruct children to ask Jesus into their hearts to be their "forever friend."


Ron Livesay said...

She is preaching the God of "The Shack." Poor God is disappointed that we chose independence over relationship (no mention of the word "sin" - that might be offensive), but he (note the small "h") still wants that relationship with all of his children (and all humans are his children), although he would never impose his will on any of us. He will help us see the need for a relationship with him by gently persuading and convincing us.

By the way, I am writing a review of "The Shack." If you have not read the book, I would advise you not to. At best, it is a waste of time. At worst, it is seductive heresy that attempts to undermine sound doctrine.

Postmillennial_Calvinist said...

Notice the decision theology that is expressed throughout this. You need to do this, Youd need to pray, I make a big decision, I can become a christian.

I guess that God doesn't have any hand in our conversion. He's jus standing at our side saying come on guys just ask me and I'll jump into your hearts. The problem here is a big lack of understanding of Gods election of us.