Monday, November 12, 2007

Rhino The Rhinoceros

Rhino was a Rhinoceros.
He was so preposterous.
Because of his size and his beady eyes,
He was despised.

He was not graceful.
He was thought to be hateful
When he would come around,
He would knock the animals down.

The animals said he was rude and crude,
And that he was a very mean dude.
This caused poor Rhino to feel sad.
He was not at all bad.

The animals weren’t very chummy.
They did not know he was half-blind
and therefore clumsy.

Then one day a lion came their way.
He was after his favorite prey.
All the animals were in great fear.
The lion began running towards a young deer.

Rhino kept blowing his horn with a blast,
As he came charging very fast.
The lion was so frighten that he fell.
How far he tumbled, it is hard to tell.

The lion got up and ran far, far away.
Rhino saved the life of a doe that day.
The animals no longer snubbed Rhino.
For he was now their hero.

By Ed G. Rhea

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